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2022 Highlights

2022 has been an interesting year with some great TV stories and some changes which will affect me in 2023.

Throughout the year I have been fortunate enough to try learn some new skills and work with new people.

Tom Sykes Wiltshire Cameraman
I am stood next to the fountain inside the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle. (Pic: AP)

My most memorable moment was when I was invited to be part of the BBC's live coverage of the funeral at Windsor of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Booked by Tim Read at Perspective Broadcast I was given the role of Jib technician. We spent four days on-site rigging, testing and preparing everything. There are a lot of details which I will refrain from sharing publicly but the broadcast was watched by billions of people around the world and was the greatest honour to be involved with.

In June I flew my drones for a live BBC outside broadcast in Gosport Hampshire for BBC South Today. They were producing a 30 minute special for the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War.

The location was very challenging with areas still open to the public, lots of flagpoles and street lights littering the site, wind, and flying over water. The seagulls also were very interested in the drone and one made contact with my Mavic 2 bringing it to the ground. This meant the live shots were provided by my back up Mini 2 drone. Not ideal but you have to get the job done...

Another memorable job was filming with 15-year-old Leo who was shaking with excitement after a Swindon-based charity Dressability, made an exact replica of a suit worn by his favourite musician for his birthday.

Leo fell in love with the hot pink suit Ed Sheeran wore in his Bad Habits music video. What was amazing was that Ed Sheeran recorded a video message for Leo after seeing the film.

In October I spent four days in Sunderland working again with Perspective Broadcast on two outside broadcasts for the BBC.

They formed part of a whole day of broadcasts by the BBC in Sunderland which included BBC Breakfast and three main news bulletins. I was one of five camera operators provided to the BBC by Tim at Perspective.

It was my first time using a studio pedestal tripod so that was a learning curve.

A sad day in December as we said goodbye to the BBC South Today Oxford programme as part of new BBC cuts.

I have worked for this station as a regular freelance cameraman since January 2016 and it employs 18 staff.

You can read more about why this has happened and read about BBC Oxford News' history on a previous blog I have written here.

I will remember climbing the hundreds of steps of the Magdalen tower for May Morning, filming the Didcot cooling towers being demolished, and covering the tragic murder of PC Andrew Harper on many occasions.

I am looking forward to more exciting and diverse work in 2023. Thank you to all who have offered me work in 2022.

Merry Christmas.


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