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Cost Of Living Crisis - Newsnight & BBC Radio 5 Live

This week I've spent four days in Sunderland working with Perspective Broadcast on two outside broadcasts for the BBC.

They were both broadcast on 19th October and formed part of a whole day of broadcasts by the BBC in Sunderland which included BBC Breakfast and three main news bulletins.

The focus was on the cost of living crisis and we were based in The Fire Station which is a new multi-purpose venue.

I was one of five camera operators provided to the BBC by Tim at Perspective.

Our first broadcast was presented by Nicky Campdell and was a joint broadcast with Radio 5 Live. It was called 'Cost of Living: Tackling it Together'. You can watch that on the BBC iPlayer here.

We then had a break before re-positioning cameras, set and lighting and getting ready for Newsnight. Victoria Derbyshire presented the programme.

You can watch the Newsnight programme below.



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