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The Highest Honour - Queen Elizabeth II Funeral

Picture: AP

I was truly honoured to be invited to be part of the BBC's live coverage of the funeral at Windsor of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Booked by Tim Read at Perspective Broadcast I was given the role of Jib Technician. This involved offloading and rigging the modular camera crane (Jib), ensuing the grass was not damaged, cables were clear for the hothead to move smoothly, setting up the monitor and controls, loading the weights, 45kg per side. I then wrapped the tripod and dolly base with a black tarp to try and contain the cabling and make it look slightly more fitting for the occasion.

We spent four days on-site rigging, testing and preparing everything. There are a lot of details which I will refrain from sharing publicly but the broadcast was watched by billions of people around the world and was the greatest honour to be involved with.

As you can see in the image above I am stood next to the fountain inside the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle.


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