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Fatal Armed Police Shooting Swindon

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Illegal Lockdown party ends in tragedy in Swindon after father of two is shot by police after brandishing a "rifle".

This morning I covered this story. The footage below is for sale.

At 2am this morning a 57 year old man was shot dead by an armed policeman in Swindon following reports of two men arguing in Rodbourne in the early hours of November 8th 2020.

The man has been named locally as Graham Trinder, nicknamed Tommy.

The Swindon Advertiser reports:

An eyewitness who said she was standing less than eight feet away from him when the bullet hit, said: "The armed officer said 'armed police drop your weapon, armed police, drop your weapon' and then shot him. There was no talking, nothing.

"They shot him in right in the middle of the chest. They didn't Taser him but shot him straight in the chest. He was the only officer on the scene at the time, no one else was here. And he didn't try speaking to him."  

The woman said: "He was an innocent guy drinking and wanted to go back in his house.

"He got pushed so far he came out with a blank air rifle that he uses to shoot cans in his garden, he couldn't even stand straight let alone hold the gun.

"That life has ended far to soon over a residential drunken argument."

"His name was Graham Trinder, but he was known as Tommy to neighbours," she said.

"Everyone knows him around here and knows he wouldn't hurt anyone.

"He was a father of two, his youngest is in the RAF. He was a kind-hearted man and would help anyone in need. He owns five or six houses and he was a well known respectful man."

The neighbour who was involved in the argument appealed on social media not to blame him or his partner for the shooting.

He posted: "As you all already know, a guy died following an argument with me. I'll be giving a proper statement to the police in due course.

"I have no recollection because I was very drunk - we were having a lovely time with our neighbours and invited that guy to join us as he was on his own.

"Subsequently weapons became involved and the guy was shot dead. Whatever I may or may not have said in my drunken state, it wasn't me that pulled out a hammer or an air rifle.

"It wasn't me that shot him. We didn't want that guy to die either - he clearly needed help rather than a gunshot."

What appeared to be a rifle was recovered from the street and forensic Officers are at the scene along with the police drone.

Please follow the Swindon Advertiser for the latest info.

My footage was broadcast on both ITV national and regional news today and can also be viewed on the Daily Mail's website here.

A short clip from the national news tonight.


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