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Coronavirus Filming Day 5 - Covid Survivor & International Nurses Day

Updated: May 17, 2020

Out with BBC South today filming.

Today I covered two stories. I started off setting up and lighting an interview at the Big Data Institute with Physician, epidemiologist & clinical trialist, Martin Landray about the research into a cure for Covid-19.

We then moved on to interviewing Dr Tim Clayden, a bursar from the University of Oxford who spent his 60th birthday in hospital with Covid-19. He has been taking part in research into treating the virus.He took antibiotics and donated blood samples for two studies while a patient at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Finally I moved to Bicester and filmed at the Community Hospital with members of the MTO Shahmaghsoudi. They had travelled all the way down from London to delivery PPE, Treats and to show their support on International Nurses Day.

I also interviewed them and trimmed up the footage before sending back to Oxford.

You can see the International Nurses Day piece below.

You can see the Vaccine film below.

The vaccine piece also ran on BBC Breakfast on Sunday 17th May.


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