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Why I love News...

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Generally speaking I love filming news. I mainly film for BBC & ITV News in the South of England but have also filmed for Sky, Bloomberg and others.

Every news day is different and in one week I can cover a Royal visit, flooding, a film launch and a cooking demonstration. The variety is great.

In order for me to film news smoothly I have to be prepared for all weathers and nearly all types of job from lighting buildings and people in the dark to filming in gale force winds. This means I have to carry a lot of equipment in my van.

I also have a fully fitted edit suite with seats for two and Coles mic for recording voiceovers or radio work.

Power is another important thing to consider so I have an inverter fitted with a large leisure battery which gives me unlimited power anywhere I am.

This level of preparedness makes me an ideal candidate for any other type of filming from PR stories to event filming.

This film highlights why it's great to be part of the global BBC Team. © BBC News.


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