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Remote Vision Mixing & Directing Services

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

As well as working as a cameraman I have Directed and vision mixed for many years.

I mainly do this through my company StreamWorks but also offer the service un-branded for production companies.

I have a semi permanent full vMix vision mixer at my base. Here I can ingest any RTMP feed (with under 2 seconds delay) or connect to any computer of phone with a camera and mic. This means I can offer fully remote mixed production adding slides, videos, graphics as well as live contributions.

A fairly basic example of this van be seen below.


To live stream the "Virtually All Together" internal conference fully remotely. And to create a dedicated client

web event page.

The event saw a range of people dialling in from home and all these people had to be technically tested first.

We also welcomed Gareth Southgate, England Football Manager to the conference. He took part in a

motivational chat.


1 x Project Planner 1 x Vision Mixer

If you need to enhance your event or would like to discuss my offering please get in touch.


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