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Live Stream From A Drone - Aerial Video Broadcasting

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I now offer live streaming from my drone for television and corporate clients.

Relax in the back of my van and watch the live feed on a 24 inch monitor through the Vision Mixer. You can direct the shoot yourself via the supplied two way radios. I can also record on-board the drone up to 4K at the same time as outputting in 1080.

An SDI HD, SD or HDMI interlaced or progressive output is supplied. If broadcasting you provide the LiveU/WMT or SNG Truck. If you just need to stream to Facebook/YouTube I can stream this for you for an additional cost.

The example below shows a recording of the downlinked picture quality from the drone so you're aware what you will get based on the indicated distances. Please ensure you watch this at 1080 HD. 


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