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Didcot Tower Demolition During Storm Ciara - Oxford Cameraman

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Today I was up early to film the final tower being demolished at the former site of Didcot Power Station for BBC News.

Arriving at the site at 6am we were not given an exact time that the tower would be demolished. The weather was possibly the worst I have ever filmed in as we fought against Storm Ciara. I had to weigh my tripod down with a sandbag weight.

The final tower blew at 7:30 am and then after recording some blustery vox pops with the public I headed back to the BBC Oxford office.

I caught my ITV colleagues on camera braving the same conditions we had to.

I had to crack out my trusty Rode blimp and 'dead cat' for us to have a fighting chance of any of the audio being useable and it worked a treat.

You can see the final result below.


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