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Coronavirus Filming Day 3 - Cheltenham Cameraman

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Today was my third day filming Coronavirus stories for BBC Points West.

My first assignment was to film a live streamed church service for Mothering Sunday at St.Peter's Church in Cheltenham.

It was a beautiful service and the congregation had sent in their images which were then printed out and stuck on the pews.

I also captured a few shots with my Osmo Pocket and due to lack of resources I then interviewed the Reverend myself.

Next stop was interviewing a family who had watched the broadcast at home before driving to Gloucester.

I parked the van at Gloucester Cathedral and after a few cutaways I interviewed the Bishop of Gloucester to gain her thoughts on the current crisis.

A quick edit and send back and then I was sent to obtain some shots around Gloucester before backtracking to Cheltenham to do the same.

It was a long day but very rewarding.

You can see the films below.

Back out again next week.

Stay safe.....


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