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BBC Lorry Crash Story

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Today I filmed a package and live broadcast for BBC South Today.

An articulated HGV lorry had hit a pothole whilst travelling along a flyover and then jackknifed and fell over the edge of the flyover and landed on the road below. Miraculously the lorry landed the right way up and the driver walked away with only minor injuries.

The day started with me going to the site and filming GV's (General Views) shots of the scene. I then went back to the Oxford office and ingested the footage.

I then prepared the WMT backpack unit that the BBC use to live broadcast and picked up Sarah the journalist. I worked with the Editor and Sarah to work out how we would cover the story and we returned to the scene. The WMT uses 6 sim cards and bonds the signal to send the video and audio to a play-out server in Southampton.

Video editing in my van for BBC News.

After recording and sending the latest images and an "as live" back to the studio we prepared for the live hit.

I edit the video in the back of my van and file using 4G.

We were the headline story. You can see the result of this job and the live below.


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