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A Day Of Thanks For Queen Elizabeth II

Yesterday was a long day of newsgathering for BBC Points West.

I started the shift at 9am at St.Mary the Virgin church at Tetbury in Gloucestershire. I was tasked to film a church service and interview those leading the service and parishioners. You can see the video below.

I was then sent to Shire Hall in Gloucester to film the proclamation on the steps of Shire Hall.

As you might expect it was crazy busy but I found a position at the front. I also captured the whole event on my iPhone as well. You can see this below.

I then had to interview the Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire as no journalist was available.

Editing this interview and the two cameras was next in the back of my van. I had major issues with 4G in Gloucester and suspect their was a cell tower down as sending the footage to the BBC was almost impossible even using all the main networks.

My last task was to travel just up the road to the Kingsholm Stadium, home of Gloucester Rugby. The newsdesk wanted pictures of fans leaving the stadium at the end of the match. Due to the 4G issues I sent these back live via my LiveU.

Was a very long full 10 hour shift!!


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