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Facebook LIVE - Top Tips On Content

1) Why am I live-streaming?

There should really be a reason why people would watch your live broadcast. What are you showing me that I would want to witness live rather than seeing in a delayed but less time-consuming way?

2) Add value. Are you really giving me a unique view that surprises or benefits me in some way? Maybe it could be a behind-the-scenes look at something.

3) Interaction. When live broadcasting one should really Invite questions and comments from the viewers. The most effective broadcasts demonstrate they're not all about the organisation but about how they're serving the audience. Regularly remind your audience, every 10 minutes or so, that their questions are welcome. When you are answering questions try to answer the person by name so they know you are watching the feed comments. Don’t be afraid to ask people where they are; this can help build communities and followers. If you live stream with me we can overlay these comments on the video itself.

4) Tell people why you're live. When you begin the broadcast, explain why you're live streaming and what you expect to provide for the audience. As people join, recap this. If the feed audiences changes significantly because a big website or Twitter user pumped in a new audience, acknowledge that. Stick to the facts.

5) Showcase your expertise. The more you know about a subject, the more attractive a live Facebook feed can be.

6) Be cautious. Are you willing to stream the worst possible thing that could happen while you're live? If you’re not willing to show the worst possible outcome, do not go live and ask us to pre-record the content for you. A live stream cannot be undone once the viewer has seen the content.

Call or email me today to discuss the range of live services I can offer for your Facebook page or Youtube account.


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