If I am already working for you filming and you want a few shots to add to the story.

Please ensure enough time is given for me to undertake the pre-flight info below in any filming schedule.


If you want to send me out to film drone shots from a scene(s). No traditional 'on the ground' filming is included. 

There is a methodical and set way to plan and execute a drone flight and I have very strict do's and don'ts set out by the CAA so please call to discuss what you want filming and where before booking me. If you send me to a job and it's unsafe or illegal to fly there,

I will have to still charge you for my time. 


Prices exclude mileage at 0.45p and VAT.  My PfCO inc CAA authority can be downloaded here.  



Full insurance.

On-Site Risk Assessment.

Time must be given to check any flight restrictions in the airspace above and any dangers below. 

A live HD downlink on a monitor below allows the Journalist or Field Producer to check the shots. 

Video and stills recording 'up to' 4K.

Please note the drone only records progressive but this can be fixed when I prepare the footage to send.

Sending you the shots via 4G straight into your news system, e.g JFE or ITV Dropbox etc. 



I fly a Mavic Pro 2 drone.


I cannot fly in rain or strong winds. 

I can only fly within 50m distance of a building or structure that is not under my control. If we can control the area then I can get as close as you like.

My drone does not have a zoom lens or microphone. 

If going live I can supply either an SD or HD interlaced output. 

The drone's downlink is up to 10Mbps in full HD but this can vary at times. 

I can free fly over people if I feel it is safe to do so but congested areas like towns and cities are really a no go. In these areas I can fly in a column, i.e straight up as long as the footprint is a min of 30m diameter and the area below is under my control. 

25 minutes flight time without a battery change.

I can be airborne again in minutes and have enough batteries to last any shoot duration.

I shoot on micro SD cards and cannot supply these to you to take away without invoicing for them. If you wish for me to shoot on your cards please ensure they are fast. 

I can fly at night BUT I must conduct a daylight recce first. 


From £400*

As above but with an SDI HD or SD interlaced output for you to broadcast. You provide the LiveU/WMT or SNG Truck. If you just need a live to Facebook/YouTube I can stream this for you for an additional cost. * Regional news not national rate. 

The example below shows a recording of the downlinked picture quality from the drone so you're aware what you will get based on the indicated distances. Please ensure you watch this at 1080 HD. 


Call +44 (0)7843 254957

24 hours if urgent.