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Editing & Post Production

I have been editing video since 1997 and I really enjoy it. 

I mainly use Adobe Premiere Pro and I am happy to edit projects shot by others as well as material i've filmed. 

For me a good video has to have the right soundtrack as the music massively compliments the visuals. I spend a lot of time sourcing the right music for each project. 

People often say 'How long will it take to edit?' and the answer is 'as long as it takes to get it right'. Video editing is not like baking a cake with set measured ingredients and a certain baking time. 

The time is takes generally comes down to how much material has been filmed in the first place and how long it takes to review this material, only then can I start assembling it. Then there is normally music to source and color grading at the end of the process. 

Most of the events I film normally take a full day to edit before sharing it with the client for revisions. 

If you need to have an input throughout the editing process I can bring the edit suite to you and work in your office.


If you have a project you would like editing, please ask to see example and do contact me

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