WW2 Escape Spy Auction

We all love a spy story and the possibility of owning your own spy gadget is appealing to many.

I was made aware of an auction taking place at East Bristol Auctions on 22nd May including a large collection of covert gadgets and decided I wanted to cover it. See their PR here.

Given VE Day just past, Captain (Colonel) Sir Tom and D Day anniversary coming WW2 related stories are relevant, there is a nice ‘operating under CIOVID lockdown’ angle to the story as well.

On Thursday 21st May I partnered up with Philip Ingram MBE, a former British Military Intelligence Officer, and we went along to film the lots.

A teaser video of this footage can be seen below, we have used Covid as the angle but there are many ways the footage can be edited.

We have video of a lot of the spy gadgets, an interview with the Auctioneer, an interview with Philip about why it's all relevant and Philip also examines some of the items in detail.

The complete footage can be viewed on request.

No other media outlet has filmed these lots.

A selection of stills from the video can be seen below.

The lots featured sold as follows.

Pair of Dominos - £800, Coal - £170, Cork - £160, Dice - £300, Mini Camera - £980, Fountain Pen Dagger - £520, Trip Wire - £340, Shaving Brush - £300, Pigeon - £240, Watch - £100.

Arthur Muggeridge's complete collection sold for £17,000, which was double its expected estimate.

We would be happy to discuss offers for the story.

If you're keen please let me have your offer and I can send a download link for the un-watermarked version.

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