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World Book Day With Radio 1's Greg James

This week I shot a piece for ITV News for World Book Day (which is today).

We filmed in London with Radio 1's breakfast show DJ Greg James and his writing partner and work colleague Chris Smith.

Together with newsreader Chris Smith, Greg wrote the children's book series Kid Normal. The first one was published in 2017 and the second one in March 2018. The first book became the biggest selling children's debut of the year and has sold over 100,000 copies.

I was also using my drone to get arty crane style shots and some movement. The piece saw them sitting on a park bench and reading extracts from their book.

Sadly I was not allowed to use lapel mics due to covid so the mics had to be placed on the floor.

You can see the piece below.

After the shoot the guys wanted to chase my drone around for a bit....was good fun.


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