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VIDEO REVIEW: ALLPOWERS Portable Generator 288Wh Power Station

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

ALLPOWERS Power Station Video Review

I often have to edit video in places with no power source so before I bought my van inverter I bought this great product.

You can see my full video review below. but some of the key features are here.

Specification: Battery Capacity: 288Wh / 78000mAh Rated Power: 350W, UPS Peak Power 500W Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave Protection Circuit: Short circuit, over current, over power, over charge, over-temperature, ect Size: 285*150*140mm Net Weight: 4.5KG

INPUT: AC Input: AC 220V 60Hz Solar Charger Input: 12V-18V 3A (Max.) Interface spec: 5.5x2.1mm

Output: AC Output x 4: AC 220V 50Hz USB Output x 4: 5V 2.1A Type-C Output: 5V 3A DC Output: 9V-12V / 15V (Max.) (voltage changes using with CPAP) Cigarette Output Port: 12V

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