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VIDEO REVIEW: SteadyGum - Will it help my back?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

SteadyGum video review

Over the years many products have popped up on the market claiming to make life easier for Camera Operators.

The SteadyGum is the latest invention which they claim will improve "Reduce efforts in a 80%" they're a Spanish company and I think they mean it will reduce Camera Op fatigue by 80%.

The SteadyGum is sold in the UK solely by CVP for an eye watering £1,695 inc vat. (Price correct on 12/8/18) and this is far from cheap for what it is BUT what price do you put on maintaining a healthy back and spine?

CVP kindly sent me a SteadyGum rig to test and you can see my very in-depth video review below.



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