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Starlink Satellite - Go live anywhere...

I now own SpaceX's Starlink portable satellite dish. The dish can be deployed in less than 5 minutes and is flight-cased.

The dish requires a 120 degree view of the sky and boasts an average download speed of around 100MB with upload speeds more than enough to broadcast to TV and the web. When needed its normally rigged on the roof of my van.

I do not carry it with me for all jobs so if you think you may need it please request me to take it in case.

When booked it comes with unlimited data.

I have portable power options meaning it can be used remotely for up to 8 hours.

At the moment I am using it as part of a bonded broadcast with other 4G as there can be very occasional downtime and the speed can yo-yo from time to time.

If you need to do a live broadcast in a remote location where there is little 4G or no reliable wired connection please do give me a shout.


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