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Memories of Vietnam

Yesterday I filmed an interview with ex ITN Journalist Christopher Wain about his time covering the Vietnam war and his involvement in the famous photo by Nick Ut of Kim Phuc.

I was working for a French production company who are making a documentary about the image seen below which shocked the world and featured in many magazines and newspapers at the time.

The company wanted me to film Chris at his home in Salisbury on a black background so I took a lot of kit to make it work.

His memories of the conflict and the bombing which resulted in the photo being taken were excellent. The French Director interviewed him via Zoom and I fed the shot directly into the Zoom meeting so they could check they were happy with the framing and lighting.

Christopher played a very large part in saving Kim Phuc's life (the naked girl int he image) and I am sure his first hand testimony will really contribute to the documentary.

A still above of the captured footage from my camera.

I am not sure when the documentary will be broadcast.



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