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Farewell BA 747 - Live Coverage for British Airways

This morning a colleague and I were up at 3am to ensure we got to the roof of a cargo building at London Heathrow.

Our job was to film British Airways last two remaining 747 planes leaving Heathrow on their way to be recycled.

Hired by Starstruck Media we arrived at 6:15am and climbed 9 flights of narrow stairs with two cameras, cabling and a Vision Mixer. We even had to take our own power supply!!

We were quickly set up and my colleague Stuart was in charge of Vision mixing our two cameras. Our mixed images were sent to the virtual production gallery in Soho care of my LiveU encoder.

The broadcast was shown on BA's Facebook page and was watched by 419 thousand people.

You can watch this below.

A few of my best shots can be seen below. I had to fight with lots of mist and rain...

The last time I was filming at Heathrow was one of Concorde's last flights so it was a great job to work on.


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