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Dorset Landslide Story - Live Drone

Today I was providing live drone pictures for BBC Breakfast and the BBC News channel.

Over 4,000 tonnes of mud and rocks have fallen from cliffs on the Jurassic coast. It's thought to be the biggest landslip to happen there in 60 years - with some boulders as big as cars.

I provided a few shots, the main interview and then another interview for the BBC News channel.

I have to maintain line of site (LOS) with the drone and this morning was challenging due to where I was legally allowed to take off.

The National Trust refused access which meant I was in a pub car park. This meant the shots I could offer had to be fairly high and out to sea. If I got too close to the cliff face I would lose downlink.

My other main issue was I had to shoot into the sun due to the legal distance I am allowed to fly from my take off area.

You can see the results below. The BBC seemed happy and that's all that matters.


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