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Salisbury Spy Poisoning | BBC National News | Cameraman

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Salisbury Spy Attack

Today I've spent the day filming for BBC News in Salisbury.

It was a breaking update to the Salisbury spy nerve agent attack.

I started the day filming for BBC South Today filming Vox Pops and then set up for a live headline piece for them.

I was then moved to the 24 hour BBC News Channel.

Various live hits for the channel with Duncan Kennedy followed as well as Radio 5 Live.

We then upped sticks and moved to Salisbury District Hospital where I rigged lights and prepared for the BBC News at Six with reporter Daniel Sandford.

Following this I then reset and went live for BBC South Today again.

One more hit for the channel followed and then I packed down lots of wet equipment and returned to Swindon. A tiring but very rewarding day.


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