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Charley Bates Murder: Man Jailed - BBC News

Charley Bates Murder - Bristol Cameraman

Last week I filmed this report with Fiona Lamdin for BBC Points West.

A 19-year-old Joshua Delbono has been jailed for life for murder after his mum alerted police that he had stabbed another teenager to death.

Joshua killed 16-year-old Charley Bates during a fight between two groups in Radstock, Somerset.

He was ordered to serve a minimum of 21 years after being found guilty by the jury following a two-week trial.

Delbono had admitted stabbing Charley but had denied murder, claiming he had been defending a friend.

My filming day started with the police interview in Bristol before driving on to Radstock and the scene of the tragic murder. My final stop was the beautiful Shearwater Lake where the murder weapon had been dumped.

It was lovely to see the council had left the memorial in place to Charley. You can read more on the case here and watch the report below.


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