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"All Around Britain" Pumpkin Shoot At the Duck & Waffle

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Last week I worked on a great shoot at the Duck & Waffle restaurant in the City of London.

We were filming for ITV's Sunday morning show "All Around Britain" as well as a piece for all ITV News regions.

The piece was designed to show what you can cook with your left over Pumpkins after Halloween.

The shoot was challenging as we were filming in a working kitchen with very little space. The restaurant was also open and almost full.

I managed to rig two lights a 100w SWIT LED flexible panel light and my Aputure 300d with softbox. Using a boom mic was not possible due to the presenter Matthew Price being in vision and being involved with the cooking demo.

We started with a two shot showing the prep of the meal followed by a re-rig in the kitchen itself. I managed to rig my Osmo Pocket camera above the stove using a magic arm to offer a top down shot.

I had to film side on to the stove as I couldn't get behind it.

The whole shoot lasted about an hour and a half and was really shot on the fly....

You can watch some of the shoot below. This was shown across the UK on ITV regional news.

The main piece was broadcast on "All Around Britain"on Sunday 1st November and you can see this below.


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