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2020 - Highlights of my Year

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Despite a terrible year with the Coronavirus pandemic I've still managed to film some interesting projects and news jobs.

Here are a few I enjoyed the most.

Coronavirus BBC Network Coverage - The Start

On the 31st January I was filming the start of the Covid pandemic for BBC Breakfast and the BBC News channel outside RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. I fed three breakfast broadcasts and then the rolling news channel until 11am.

Read more here.

Prince of Wales at the RSC

In February I filmed HRH The Price of Wales as he visited the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon.

I was providing a Royal rota pool field for all UK broadcasters and the tour footage was used across the UK from the Royal Family Channel YouTube account to ITV & BBC News are online news sites including the Daily Mail. This means I was the only Cameraman covering the event and following the Prince very closely throughout his tour. Read more here.

WW2 Escape Spy Auction

We all love a spy story and the possibility of owning your own spy gadget is appealing to many. In May I was made aware of an auction taking place at East Bristol Auctions on 22nd May including a large collection of covert gadgets and decided I wanted to cover it. I partnered up with Philip Ingram MBE, a former British Military Intelligence Officer, and we went along to film the lots. Read more here

TV Face Masks A Roaring Success

After getting bored of wearing clinical face masks for Covid protection I decided I needed something a bit more humorous. I found a company who handmade face masks and ordered a few. People quickly saw these and asked me if they could buy one. As of the end of 2020 I am close to selling 700 to Camera Operators, Engineers, Presenters and Directors all over the world. Read more and buy here.

Delivering A Virtual Air Tattoo

In July I was honoured to be asked by Planes TV to provide kit and my filming services on the very first Virtual Air Tattoo. Due to coronavirus the Royal International Air Tattoo decided to stage a virtual event mixing computer generated flying displays with archive footage. We built a full studio and I set up eight of my lights to cover the space, three cameras and my micro jib. Read more here.

Filming With TV Chef Phil Vickery

In September I worked with StreamWorks and a Global PR firm. I advised, shot, edited and streamed the first Love Canned Food Festival for a multinational food company. The four day event was broadcast live by StreamWorks on the various Instagram brand channels including Branston and Bachelors. Phil cooked one of his recipes and was a joy to work with. Read more here.

Farewell BA 747 - Live Coverage for British Airways

In October I was tasked to film British Airways last two remaining 747 planes leaving Heathrow on their way to be recycled. We arrived at 6:15am and climbed 9 flights of narrow stairs with two cameras, cabling and a Vision Mixer. We even had to take our own power supply!! Our mixed images were sent to the virtual production gallery in Soho care of my LiveU encoder. The broadcast was shown on BA's Facebook page and was watched by 419 thousand people. Read more here.

BBC Breakfast Weather From Westonbirt

October saw me back live for BBC Breakfast at Westonbirt, The National Arboretum. I lit the shot with 9 lights, a mixture of mine and the trucks, with Matt's keylight being a Aputure 330d with a softbox. The colours of the trees were so beautiful. Read more here.

Here is a video summary.

I am looking forward to more exciting and diverse work in 2021. Thank you to all who have offered me work in 2020.

Happy New Year.



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